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BuValiere is a digital NFT-art platform consisting of a series of unique, collectible digital artworks.


We invite you to explore the art pieces created and curated  by our talented artisans with which we strive to captivate and inspire - through beauty, vibrancy and bold colors as well as storytelling, - each showcasing its own ability to mesmerize and convey their own innate archetypal  message.  These pieces are sure to be a conversation starter and will bring an unexpected and unexplained sense of joy and magnetic energy  to the casual observer.


Our First Set of Five, each consisting of a maximum,  exclusive, 100 one-of-a-kind digitally certified pieces.  The Wise Owl Set was recently released and made public (minted) on  OpenSea and other online media  with our Second Set, The Proud Peacock Set, released soon thereafter.

Currently, Project Three, Four and Five  are in production at different stages and will be released in due course.


Be sure to read about these projects here on BuValiere's web site or follow us on X @buvaliere - also see social media for future updates. 

NFT Wisdom Set,, Phoenix owl, gif
The Passion Set


Our second released and signature set, The Passion Set.  Passion Peacocks - offers a 100-exclusive NFT pieces inspired by the passion of the peacock.  We encourage you to embrace the swagger of the peacock to allow others to see your true magnificent self.  The collection is a lesson of self-love, honor and integrity and the ability to understand but not be bound to the past, the present or the future.  It symbolizes being reborn from the ashes and becoming self-assured and self-respected, as well as embodying confidence, generosity and beauty, emersed in love and benevolence - no matter what is going on around you.

The Wisdom Set


BuValiere brings together the wisdom of the ages, harnessing the power of art, technology and storytelling to create a unique NFT experience.  Our first  and flagship collection, The Wisdom Set, is made up of a 100 exclusive Wisdom Owls, each representing a different aspect of wisdom.  From knowledge and intuition to the profound mysteries of life, the owls embody the power of sharp vision, keen observation and the ability to see below the surface. 


They are the OI's of the word, "Original Intelligence" this is how we at BuValiere like to think of them.  They know how to distinguish reality from fantasy, how to understand the power of magic, yet still be able to instinctively choose discernment with a little help from a strong spirit -  resulting in making good decisions based on solid foundations.



SETS 3, 4 AND 5

Set three, The Elegance Set, Set four, The Radiance Set and Set five, The Exotic Set are all in production at different stages of development and will be announced on various social media platforms in future.  


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