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Mixed Sets Gallery
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BuValiere NFTs will be periodically dropped and released for purchase on OpenSea until 100 NFT-pieces of each set has been reached.  No further NFT pieces will be released after that. Follow us on social media to be kept informed of releases.


BuValiere NFTs minted OpenSea: The Wisdom Set and the Passion Set

We believe in the power of art to create a lasting impression and to be a source of inspiration. By combining the latest technology with our creative designs, we strive to revolutionize the way people experience art. BuValiere is proud to present our first NFT set, The Wisdom Set featuring Wise Owls as well as our second set The Passion Set, featuring Proud Peacocks.   We invite you to explore these unique two sets of NFT art pieces. Read more on our web site about our projects to see how you can join the NFT revolution.

The Wisdom Set

NFT Art The Wisdom Set

The Wisdom Set, our flagship, is a collection of a 100 exclusive NFT artworks  that celebrates the wisdom of the ages. Each artwork features an owl, representing a different aspect of wisdom, from knowledge and intuition to the profound mysteries of life. These wise owls embody sharp vision, understanding the power of magic, discernment, and a strong spirit to make good decisions based on solid foundations.

The Passion Set

NFT Art The Passion Set

The Passion Set is the second released and signature set from our NFT art collection. It offers a 100 exclusive NFT artworks inspired by the passion of peacocks. We encourage you to embrace the swagger of the peacock and let your true magnificent self shine. This collection is a lesson in self-love, honor, and integrity, symbolizing being reborn from the ashes and becoming self-assured and self-respected.

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