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BuValiere Roadmap 

BuValiere is in the process of building an NFT-based customer ecosystem. The first NFTs sold are the rarest and form part of the five rare, limited number of collectibles.


After all five sets have been dropped, a BuValiere Club drop will follow.  Owning a BuValiere NFT at  the day of the Club Drop will entitle the hodler to a free reserved BuValiere Club NFT.


These NFTs entitle free access to the BuValiere Club as well as significant discounts on all BuValiere's exclusive range of products.  

See below for more on BuValiere Club Drop and related privileges and activities which will evolve with BuValiere's company direction.

Rare Collection Drop 

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Passion Set

Minted 2 March 2023

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Wisdom Set 

Minted 5 September 2022

Rare collectibles each have unique features and only  a 100 of each exist.


Elegance Set 

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Radiance Set


Exotic Set 

BuValiere Club Drop

Once all the rare collectibles have been released, the Club Drop date will be announced. Holders of the club NFT are entitled to the following member benefits: ​

  • Club members receive exclusive access to the Club Discord page. 

  • BuValiere club members receive substantial discount on all BuValiere luxury tangible products.

  • BuValiere club members receive 20% discount on all digital products.

  • Club members will receive an invitation to BuValiere's Annual Soiree -  location to be determined by majority club member geography. 

  • Club members receive free blockchain based drops. 

BuValiere Luxury Drop

BuValiere will seek out the finest master craftsmen in Europe to produce luxury goods that will be presented to our members. Members will receive substantial discounts on these goods. The sales of these goods will finance club member benefits. 

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