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The Passion Set IV

The Passion Set IV  186 3 March 2023.png


Once upon a time, in the mystical forest of Lumina, there lived three remarkable peacocks: Cyan, Magenta, and White. Each possessed unique qualities that set them apart from ordinary birds. Cyan’s feathers shimmered like the tranquil waters of a hidden lagoon, Magenta’s plumes glowed with the warmth of a thousand sunsets, and White’s pristine plumage sparkled like freshly fallen snow under the moonlight.


Their days were filled with laughter and mischief. Cyan loved to weave intricate patterns in the air, leaving trails of iridescent ribbons behind. Magenta would dance on dew-kissed petals, her wings creating ripples of color that enchanted the forest creatures. And White, with his ethereal grace, would glide through sunbeams, leaving behind a trail of stardust.


One moonlit night, Lumina’s ancient oracle revealed a prophecy: “When the three peacocks unite their magic, a halo of sparks shall illuminate the forest, granting a wish to the pure of heart.” Excitement buzzed through the trees as the peacocks learned of their destiny. They decided to combine their powers, creating a mesmerizing display of light and wonder.


As they stood together, Cyan unfurled his wings, Magenta twirled in a graceful pirouette, and White spread his feathers wide. Their energies intertwined, forming a radiant halo that bathed the forest in a kaleidoscope of colors. Sparks danced around them, weaving dreams into reality.


The animals gathered, their eyes wide with awe. The wise old owl stepped forward, his voice trembling with hope. “Speak your wish, noble peacocks,” he said. “For your magic has the power to change our world.”


Cyan, Magenta, and White closed their eyes, their hearts beating as one. In unison, they whispered their wish: “May Lumina forever be a place where beauty, kindness, and wonder thrive.”

And so it was. Lumina remained a sanctuary of enchantment, where the peacocks continued to dazzle with their vibrant plumage. The halo of sparks became a symbol of hope, reminding all who witnessed it that magic existed in even the smallest acts of love and friendship.

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