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The Passion Set XI

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Citrine the Dancing Peacock, Lemon & Lime

Once upon a time, in a lush garden where the flowers bloomed all year round and the air was always filled with the sweet scent of jasmine, there lived a peacock unlike any other. This peacock, named Citrine, had feathers of the brightest yellow and lime, colors so vivid that they seemed to capture the very essence of sunlight.


Citrine was known throughout the garden for his magnificent tail, which fanned out in a dazzling display of color and splendor. But what truly set him apart was not just his appearance; it was his love for dance. Every morning, as the first rays of dawn crept over the horizon, Citrine would step onto the garden walkway, his own stage, and prepare to strut his stuff.


As he danced, a curious phenomenon occurred. With each step and twirl, a mystical purple smoke would rise from the ground, swirling around his feet like a dance partner from another realm. The other creatures of the garden would gather to watch, entranced by the spectacle of color and movement.


The story of Citrine’s dance spread far and wide, attracting visitors from distant lands. They came not only to witness his beauty but also to feel the magic of the moment when the world seemed to pause, and all that existed was the dance of the peacock and the purple smoke that rose like whispers of dreams.


And so, Citrine continued to dance, day after day, his spirit as uncontainable as the light that shone from his feathers. In the heart of the garden, he remained a legend, a creature of beauty and mystery, whose dance was a reminder of the wonders that exist where colour and imagination collide.

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