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The Passion Set IX

The Passion Set IX 18 August 2023.gif

Aurora Frostwing

Amidst a serene landscape of a frozen world, a delicate dance begin to unfold between a magnificent peacock named Aurora Frostwing and the purest white expanse of snow.


With golden sun casting its warm embrace upon the icy surface, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Each snowflake, like a tiny crystal, pirouettes gently, falling softly from the heavens.


Beneath this frozen veil, a sense of peace envelops all who venture forth. The air is crisp, and the ground beneath his feet seems fragile, stepping on thin ice. Yet, there’s a quiet confidence in his steps, for he knows that this delicate balance holds a hidden glimmer of magic.


In this wintry wonderland, Aurora's  iridescent hues blend seamlessly with the frost-kissed landscape. His feathers shimmer, reflecting the sun’s golden rays, while the snowflakes weave intricate patterns around him as he moves with grace and purpose, leaving a trail of enchantment in his wake.


As day turns to night, the stars emerge, casting their own celestial glow upon the frozen canvas. The world becomes a tapestry of blues, whites, and golds—an ethereal masterpiece. And in this quietude, one can almost hear the whispers of ancient tales, of mythical creatures that tread lightly upon the ice, leaving behind traces of wonder.


We should embrace this fleeting moment—the delicate balance of beauty and fragility, the dance of colours on ice—and find solace in the magic of winter.

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