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The Passion Set II

The Passion Set II 23 3 March 2023.png

In the stillness of the Pond

The peacock and lilies conspired in a silent ballet upon the water’s glassy surface. Their reflections merged, creating a mesmerizing mirror image—a fleeting masterpiece painted by nature’s hand.


The peacock, adorned in vibrant plumage—turquoise, magenta, and electric blue—stood regally at the water’s edge. Its feathers, like iridescent brushstrokes, rippled gently, casting ripples across the liquid canvas. Each hue danced, intermingling with the psychedelic colors of the lilies nearby.


The lilies, delicate and ethereal, floated gracefully. Their petals, like ballerinas in a moonlit reverie, dipped and swayed. The gentle motion softened their edges, blurring the boundary between water and bloom. They seemed to whisper secrets to the peacock, sharing tales of forgotten dreams.


Above, the night sky played its part. Stars peeked through the veil of leaves, their light filtered by the tableau below. The pond became a portal—an enchanted realm where reality blurred, and imagination took flight. The luminous glow cast by the celestial audience enhanced the dreamlike quality of the scene.


And so, within the stillness of the pond, the beauty of nature found its echo. The peacock’s regal gaze met the lilies’ delicate nod, and together, they wove a tale—a silent symphony of color and motion. It seemed the water held a secret: a gateway to a world where magic whispered and wonder bloomed in tranquil depths.

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