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The Passion Set VII

The Passion Set VII Yellow Jello.png

Yellow Jello

Once upon a time, in a mystical forest where colors danced and dreams took flight, there lived a peculiar peacock named Jasper. Unlike his feathered companions, Jasper was not adorned with the usual iridescent plumage. Instead, his feathers shimmered like translucent yellow jello, casting a soft glow wherever he strutted.


Jasper loved to bask in the sun, his gelatinous feathers absorbing its warmth. He would stretch out on the mossy ground, his tail fanned wide, and watch the world go by. The other birds would gather around, their eyes wide with wonder.


“Look at Jasper,” they’d whisper. “He’s like a walking jiggly pudding”


But Jasper had a secret. Beneath his gelatinous exterior, he longed for something more. He envied the eagles that soared high above, their wings slicing through the cerulean sky. He yearned to feel the wind ruffle his feathers, to taste the freedom of flight.


One day, as the sun dipped low, Jasper spotted an eagle—a magnificent creature with wings that spanned the horizon. Determination welled up within him. He would fly, no matter the cost.


With a determined squish, Jasper pushed off the ground. His gelatinous wings flapped, and for a moment, he lifted. But alas, his tail—the very essence of his uniqueness—weighed him down. The more he struggled, the stickier his situation became. He sank back to the earth, defeated.


The other birds gathered around, their eyes filled with pity. “Why do you try, Jasper?” they asked. “Your jello tail is your curse.”


But Jasper refused to give up. He sought wisdom from the ancient owl, who perched atop the tallest tree. The owl blinked its wise eyes and said, “Freedom comes at a price, my dear Jasper. Sacrifice your jello tail, and you shall soar.”


Jasper hesitated. His tail was his identity, his shimmering badge of uniqueness. Yet the desire to fly burned brighter than any color in his gelatinous heart.


And so, one moonlit night, Jasper made his choice. He stood before the mystical pond, its surface rippling with starlight. With a deep breath, he plunged his tail into the water. The jello melted away, leaving behind a trail of golden stardust.


As Jasper emerged, his wings felt lighter. He flapped them, and this time, he soared. The forest gasped in awe as he ascended, leaving behind a trail of stardust that sparkled like a comet’s tail.


Jasper became the legendary Golden Peacock, a symbol of courage and sacrifice. He flew with the eagles, danced with the constellations, and whispered secrets to the moon. And though he missed his jello tail now and then, he knew that true freedom came from within.


Remember Jasper’s tale when faced with choices. Sometimes, letting go of what defines us, can lead to our greatest adventures yet.

And that, my friend, is the story of the yellow jello peacock!  If you ever spot a shimmering bird in the forest, perhaps it’s Jasper, still soaring among the stars.

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