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The Passion Set XX

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The Prankster Peacocks of Pearly Shores  -         

Aurion & Viridain

In the tranquil realm of Aetheria, where the rivers whispered and the moons spoke, there stood a majestic white and gold peacock, its tail cascading in a purple-turquoise silky waterfall, a symphony of liquid motion, echoed by his surroundings itself. This celestial creature named Aurion perched upon the edge of the Ethereal River, where snowflakes danced with pearl rocks in a delicate ballet.  Aurion, meaning ‘golden dawn’ symbolizes awakening of consciousness and the illumination of the higher self.


Across the shallow waters, on the bank woven with emerald moss and sapphire blooms, gazed its counterpart, a peacock of traditional splendour named Viridain. Viridian represents the grounding of spirit, the nurturing of life, and the joy of earthly existence. Its plumage was a tapestry of vibrant hues, each feather telling tales of ancient forests and forgotten songs, echoing the deep greens of life and growth found in nature.


Above them, the pearl moon watched over the night, its face etched with the wisdom of eons. A mystical flare, pure and white, traced its path across the heavens, casting a luminous reflection upon the river’s mirror-like surface.


The two peacocks, one of earthly beauty and the other of otherworldly grace, stood in silent communion. Their eyes locked in a moment that transcended time, a silent acknowledgment of their shared existence at the confluence of two worlds.


As the white flare’s journey reached its zenith, it burst into a shower of stardust, blessing the land with a whisper of cosmic secrets. And in that instant, Aurion and Viridain, unfurled their splendid tails, creating an arc of light and color that bridged the river, uniting their spirits in a display that would be sung about for generations in the chronicles of Aetheria.


As the stardust settled upon the land of Aetheria, now connected by a bridge of light, felt a transformation within. Aurion, guardian of the celestial mysteries, began to glow with an inner light that reflected the purity of the snow and the lustre of the pearls that adorned the riverbank.


Viridain with its vibrant, earthy colors, felt a surge of energy that tied it closer to the life force of the forest and the river. It was as if the two creatures were exchanging essences, learning from each other, growing together in harmony.


The pearl moon, witnessing this exchange, hummed a melody that resonated with the soul of Aetheria. The mystical white flare, now a gentle glow in the sky, seemed to nod in approval as it continued its celestial voyage.


In the days that followed, the peacocks became the keepers of balance between the heavens and the earth. The white and gold peacock would spread its feathers to welcome the dawn, while the traditional peacock would call forth the twilight with a fan of its colorful plumes.


Travelers from distant lands would come to the banks of the Ethereal River, drawn by tales of the two friend’s splendour and the magic that flowed through the land. They left with hearts full of wonder, carrying with them the message of Aetheria - a message of unity, beauty, and the eternal dance between the cosmic and the terrestrial.


And so, the story of the two peacocks became a legend, a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding all who heard it that in the reflection of one another, we find our truest selves and the possibility of a world in perfect harmony.


Tale of  fiction and philosophy,  any resemblance to actual events or persons is purely coincidental.

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