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The Passion Set III

The Passion Set II 53 3 March 2023.png

Fire Walker

Amidst the scorching flames, a majestic peacock, its plumage a regal blend of purple and gold, strides confidently. Each step sends ripples through the inferno, parting it like the legendary Red Sea. Faint whispers echo through the inferno—a language unknown to mortals. These are ancient fire spirits, drawn to witness the peacock’s passage.


They sway in spectral forms, their presence both awe-inspiring and mysterious. From the molten ground, serpents of liquid lava rise, their scales shimmering with opalescent colors. They coil around the peacock’s legs, serving as both companions and guides through the searing heat.

In the realm of enchantment, where chalcopyrite crystals gleam like forgotten treasures, and the gold of ancient crowns weaves through the air, behold the majestic purple peacock. Its plumage, a symphony of twilight hues, mirrors the very essence of these mystical elements.


The chalcopyrite, with its iridescent sheen, captures the whispers of long-lost alchemists. Its surface dances with purple and gold, as if it holds secrets from realms beyond mortal comprehension. When the moonlight kisses its facets, it reveals hidden patterns—a celestial script etched by cosmic hands.


And then, the peacock, proud and regal, struts on through its fiery path. Its feathers shimmer with purple and gold, each strand a thread connecting earth and sky. The gold streaks recall sun-kissed crowns, while the purple hues evoke twilight’s embrace. When it spreads its tail, the very fabric of reality ripples, and stars pause to admire.


Together, they share a kinship—an alchemical affinity. The chalcopyrite crystal whispers forgotten spells to the peacock, who nods in understanding. They both embody transformation—the alchemy of colors, the magic of metamorphosis. Perhaps, in their union, they unlock gateways to other worlds, where dreams take flight on iridescent wings.

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