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The Passion Set XIV

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Zerach and Sunny the Dandelion

Once upon a time, in a lush valley where the night sky stretched vast and deep, there lived a peacock with feathers of an unusual hue named Zerach. Unlike his kin, whose plumes shimmered in vibrant blues and greens, this peacock boasted wings of the purest yellow, radiant as the sun itself.


Each night, as darkness enveloped the world, he would perch atop the tallest hill, his yellow wings unfurled against the black canvas of the night. The stars twinkled like scattered diamonds, but none could match the brilliance of his feathers and for this reason, hence his name Zerach which means “radiance”.


One peculiar night, a gentle breeze carried dandelions from the meadows below, their delicate seeds dancing around him like tiny fairies. The peacock watched in silent wonder, his heart swelling with a sense of belonging. To him, the dandelions were like stars that had descended from the heavens to play.


In his mind, he thought, “How curious these little stars are, drifting so freely, unbound by the sky. Perhaps they envy my vibrant wings, or maybe they pity me, for I am tethered to the earth while they embark on adventures with the wind.”


The peacock realized that beauty was not just in the permanence of stars or the vividness of his feathers, but also in the transient journey of the dandelions. He felt a kinship with these fleeting beauties, for they too were unique in the vastness of the night.


And so, the peacock with yellow wings embraced the black night sky, the flying dandelions, and the quiet solidarity of shared existence, knowing that every creature, no matter how grand or small, has its place in the tapestry of the universe.


And they all lived under the same starry sky, each with their own story, yet connected in the grand story of life.


Zerach had a favourite dandelion friend. This dandelion is known as Sunny, a name that reflects its bright and cheerful disposition. Sunny, with its delicate white fluff, often stands out among the green fields, much like Zerach’s yellow plumes stand out against the night sky. Together, Zerach and Sunny share many silent conversations, with Sunny swaying gently in the breeze and Zerach watching over protectively. Both found companionship in their uniqueness and comfort in their shared moments under the starlit sky.

A tale of  fiction and philosophy,  any resemblance to actual events or persons is purely coincidental.

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