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The Passion Set XIII

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Guardian of the Dawn

Once upon a time, in a serene winter forest blanketed with heavy snow, there lived a magnificent peacock with feathers of every hue imaginable. The peacock was unlike any other, with vibrant colors that shimmered against the stark white snow, creating a spectacle of beauty that even the forest creatures would stop to admire.


As dawn approached on this particularly frosty morning, the first rays of the sun began to peek over the horizon, casting a warm tangerine glow across the sky. The peacock, perched near a frozen stream, unfolded its feathers in a grand display, capturing the sunlight and reflecting it in a myriad of colors. The snow around the peacock sparkled like countless diamonds, each flake twinkling with the promise of the new day.


The peacock was known to the forest as the Guardian of Dawn, for it was believed that its daily ritual of greeting the sun ensured the end of night and the arrival of morning. The frozen stream by which it stood was said to hold the secrets of the forest, and only when the first warmth of the sun’s rays touched its icy surface would it whisper these secrets to the Guardian of Dawn.


On this day, as the peacock spread its feathers wide and the sun rose higher, the ice began to crackle softly. The peacock listened intently, and the stream spoke of distant lands, of the dance of the northern lights, and of the gentle touch of spring waiting beneath the snow. The peacock tucked these stories close to its heart, knowing that one day, when the snow melted and the stream flowed freely once more, it would share these tales with the world.


And so, the peacock remained, a sentinel of colour and light in a world of white, a bridge between the frozen silence of winter and the vibrant chorus of spring. The forest dwellers continued to marvel at the peacock, not just for its dazzling beauty, but for the hope it represented—that even in the coldest of times, life persists, stories endure, and warmth always returns with the dawn.

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