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The Passion Set I 

The Passion Set 1 199 18 Nov 2022.png

Sunrise Surprise

In the quiet dawn, when the sky blushes with hues of coral and gold, the sun tiptoes over the horizon, a celestial secret to unfold. Birds stir from their slumber, melodies woven in the air, as if they’ve whispered to the sun, “We’re ready, play your flare.”


The world awakens, dew-kissed petals unfurling wide, each blade of grass, a canvas for the sun’s warm pride. Mountains stretch their ancient arms, embracing the light, and rivers shimmer, reflecting the day’s first sight.


In this tender moment, where night and day entwine, a surprise unfolds—a promise of beginnings divine. For every sunrise whispers hope, a chance to start anew, a canvas for dreams, painted in hues of pink and blue.


So let the sun rise and greet it with delight, For within its golden rays, magic takes flight. And may your days be filled with wonder, joy, and grace, as you chase the sun’s surprise in this wondrous space.

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